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Research Projects

Here at cycling 4 All we strongly believe in research and this project affords the development of student research projects in various academic areas.

Currently there are four student research projects associated with the C4A project.

Firstly, there are three groups of 4 students from medical engineering and product design working collaboratively to assess the range, abilities and limitations of various disabilities to allow students to design and build the most suitable bikes. These projects, under the supervision of Nigel Revitt, will lead to improved bike design for disabled students.

Secondly, there is a Masters Project under the supervision of Dr Pete Twigg, that will build upon the work done in the previous year to look at pedalling dynamics of disabled people to facilitate the design of the most suitable pedalling system for a range of disabilities.

We are hoping to move into providing additional research projects for other engineering departments, social science students and Media and Computing students in the second semester.

In addition to these student projects, we are working with academics and the Raspberry Pi Society to develop software that will facilitate disability cycling. This exciting and innovative project could lead to the development of novel cycling and monitoring tools.

If you are a student or academic and are interested in working with C4A on a research project, please click here

UoB Engineering students

Raspberry Pi Society

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